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The bike in the middle of the top picture is my Magna though hard to see it was maroon in color. All the chrome and engine detail was almost flawless. It had a mustang seat. It had 36,000 miles on it when this photo was taken and supposedly the engine had been rebuilt only 3,000 miles before I got it. Someone before me took great care of it having it repainted and the engine rebuilt. It ran great, plenty quick when compared to the other bikes I had before it. Yet on July 4th 1998 when coming back from the Iowa freedom rally the engine began to knock, not from abuse (I never beat on any of my machines) likely from a bad rebuild. But while it was mine it was a good bike and never let me down . But all things must come to an end and so I took it to the local Honda dealer and traded it in on my Shadow A.C.E. I didn't do to bad, I got more in trade then what I paid for it a year earlier.

Has anyone seen my keys?

This bottom picture is from our way back from the rally when we stopped to eat in Carroll, Iowa.