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This is my '61 XLH chopper I had (yeah, I sold it) when I got it ,it was in sorry shape it was spray painted red with over spray on everything. It had some funky handlebars that placed your hands about six inches apart. All the wiring was a rats nest. It didn't run. tires were bald......well you get the point. So with the winter ahead I took it all apart and began my first chopper. I took the engine to a custom shop to be rebuilt when they took it apart the pistons were melted and the cases had five cracks in them. So five months and $3000 bucks later I got it back. By this time I had the frame painted and new fender and tank assembled just waiting for the engine.So with the strong legs of me and some friends we began to kick and kick and kick some more. Oh did I mention I bumped up the compression (11:1)? Anyway, finally it roared to life. It had to be one of the sweetest sounds I ever heard! Potato..Potato..Potato. But I got the building bug ,plus I never got used to shifting on the wrong side then having to switch between bikes so I sold it to one of it's former owners who sweared never to sell it again or let it detiorate back to the condition it was in when I got it.

These two pictures were taken the day I sold it.