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This is my Kawasaki chopper, though it's titled as an '84 the engine is a 900 c.c. '75 Z1E. With 1075cc bore kit and cams. The frame is a Amen savior. The first pics are of it from the first day I got it. As you may not be able to tell from the pics it had red plastic spiral cover on all the wiring, overflow hoses, and vacuum lines. It also had a trailer hitch welded to the frame that stuck about a foot past the rear tire. The 6 bend pull back handlebars pulled back so your hands were almost touching your chest. Now the bike has been finished and is sold to a man from montana who bought it for his wife. I had the shade of yellow changed to a brighter color, Dean's auto body in Atlantic, Ia did the work. It also had black scallops on the tank to add a little more flair to the bike. I spent alot of time and money making this bike unique, but I think the end result looked very nice. Feel free to tell me what you think.